Need a new tuner.
What are really good ones for tone/build quality/price?
Also, does it have an internal light? (you can use it in the dark)

Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner
Chrome casing, 360 degree LED strobe tuning, LCD screen, true bypass, power line out
I think it's cheaper than the BOSS one, too
boss/fender do a chromatic tuner in stomp box form, theyre a bit pricey, but they have 7 segment LED displays and a row of LEDs, there's so many out there, you can only shop around i suppose
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Yeah I was looking at the Boss TU-2 and it looked great and all, and if its so good I'm willing to pay the money for it. But I saw somewhere that it doesn't tune drop tunings well, or doesn't at all, not sure which one it was. Any info on that? Because I play in drop D or C lots of the time.