Hey out there!
Here's my problem... I used to try recording in my computer using Daw software BUT I used to plugged my guitar directly into the mic input (using a 1/4 to 1/8 converter) and the record sounded REALLY LOW no matter how high y turned the volume... The i got the RP-250 and plugged it with the USB cable... AND GOT THE SAME RESULT!... it still sounds really low.... Do you think it is my sound card? or is it something else? I've tried to configure the sound device nad turned the rp250 mic volume erally high but NOTHING....

help me out please!
guitar -> amp/preamp whatever -> PC ...

other then that i don't know
english is not my native language
try to confirm that its actually the recording thats low, transfer it to a different pc, a cd, an mp3 player and try it there. If its not low there, then it may be your sound card and not a problem with the recording. If its still low, then theres most likely a problem with the recording, and i don't know where to go from there

EDIT: ^like the poster above me said, if its actually the recording thats low, you will probably need a preamp
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