Just looking for some advice on what a good choice for a pedal that would be able to overcome the rhythm section in my band. Something that would indicate to the crowd when the solo was, something that would give a boost to my guitar's sound (not necessarily pure gain though). Sorry i'm having a bit of trouble describing what i'm looking for. Sorta like the solos in "scar tissue" by the chili peppers (i realize thats an overdubbed guitar, but along that sort of lines in terms of tone).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm fairly clueless when it comes to pedals.
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So do you just want more volume? I dnt really unserstand
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ya, a little extra volume wouldnt hurt. I'm primarily looking for something that will just give my guitar a boost/unique tone, something that i would use for a solo then turn off.
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Maybe a wah? Or just a touch of gain - like a light "sprinkling" of overdrive.

Scar tissue sounds like he added a wee bit of gain. So, you can find many overdrive pedals that will do that for you. Like a Boss BD-2 or SD-1, something along those lines.

That is, if I understand what you're asking correctly...
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Turn up the mids.

So either an EQ pedal, or a wah pedal set to the sweet spot would do.
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What exactly does an eq pedal do? Does it turn up the mids? Whats the differance between an eq pedal and a distortion pedal?

Thanks, you guys have been a great help
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An EQ pedal can boost or cut certain frequencies, giving you a different tone when you turn it on. Quite nice.

You might want to try a treble booster, those are fun. Like a Rangemaster or something. The only problem is that they're kinda hard to get, as you'll have to go boutique to get a good germanium one. Look around on the webs, though- I love my Rangemaster clone that I built.
wow an EQ pedal sounds great! one last favor - any specific models you guys can reccomend?
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before you look at an EQ, check out a Tube Screamer. It'll boost your mids, helping you cut through, while adding a bit more gain, sustain, and volume.
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i use my big muff when i solo, so does David Gilmour. It doesnt have that fuzzy sound on the higher notes, it just makes it sound way more full and it makes me sound a little better, plus it covers a little bit of my mistakes.
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