In light of the recently failed bash on squiers thread, i have become interested in modding my squier ebcause some people on that thread said it made them awesome, especially if you have one with an alder body. mine is an alder body. I have been playing for about 7 months now, so i rly dont want to go out and blow a bunch of money on a guitar since i mean, im still a noob at this. but the whole modding idea sounded kinda nifty. what could i do to my squier to make it MIM or better quality? could i do it for lets say...around 300$? and would it be worth it? this is my only electric, adn like i said i dont want to blow a bunch of moeny at this point and i also dont want to screw my guitar up

(Btw i would have someone else do the installations, i couldnt do it by myself lol)
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Replace the humbucker with a duncan distortion or a dimarzio evolution pick up, get a maple neck or not very much, replace the stock singles with a pair of ducan cool rails

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Well, it was just an SSS Squier Standard Strat with a Red Moto pickguard I popped on there a while back.
If the action on your squire is decent or good, I'd mod it, but if its difficult to play, I'd look into another guitar. Defeats the purpose of having something sound good if you can't play it.
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^ He's right you know, but anyway, if you got a decent Squier (there must be some really bad ones out there, but my strat is lovely) then go for it.

I spent a fair bit of money on my strat, but it's better than any MIM strat I've ever played, mind you it's cost me more in total than a MIM strat would have done! It's not quite up there with the American stuff, but it holds it's tune really well and it sounds great.