Hi. My name's Doug, and I play bass. I've been playing about 3 years and play trumpet as well. I'm active on both Talkbass and Muscianforums.com

I got myself a new bass the other day.

Its a TRB-II and I got it from a user on talkbass (his name is Quadzilla) who is probably one of the best people do deal with as far as being an awesome seller (I'm sure you all know that).

Today I finally just got around to taking some pictures of the beauty. I really just can't put this bass down it is so perfect for me. The only thing is Quad sent me it with flats, which I have never played on so I had to get used to those, but I play on replacing the strings with some DRs in a week or two and putting the flats on my recently defretted Yamaha RBX170.

And without any more hesitation, here are the pictures of the lady in red:

Awesome, awesome bass. Anyone else on this board playing a nice high-end yamaha?
I've never played such a bass but that is freaking sweet

And you're like the tenth bassist/trumpeter that I know of, it strikes me as strange
Its a great combination. Trumpet is all about the melody and showing off all the time, while bass is all about just groovin' and making the fans feel your music.

I've played trumpet 8 years now...so bass came later in my life.
Nice bass and welcome to the forums.

for future reference, there is a "show off your bass thread" https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=367951, so you may want to post future pics there. Its also a good place to take a gander at everyone else's basses. Or if you are so inclined, you can post up a pic of you and your bass on the "pose with your bass thread.

Quite a few bass players also play sax and/ or clarinet. Its an odd combo, but common. I've never been able to figure out the connection myself.
I envy trumpet players. I've tried to play trumpet, and it's the tiny-ass mouthpiece that makes me dizzy every time.

Welcome to the forum; your bass gives me an erection. The gold hardware is ****ing sweet. =D
sexy bass!!

and good to meet (yet another) bassist/trumpeter.

my teacher also plays trumpet

i suppose that makes twelve for you chocolateman!
i thought i had magic fingers once, and had uncovered the fountain of love.

turns out my girlfriend was just peeing on me.
wow nice water feature lol

enywho, ive never played a yamaha but thats a nice looking bass!
Nice bass. I really like the gold hardware and decals. For some reason, the black knobs makes it great. Gold knobs would have probably been too much.
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Nice bass it's all shiny with it's gold hardware. By the way welcome to the family and ftr I'm one of those bass/sax players anarkee was talking about
Welcome and nice pics and bass.
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thank you for your help

Over 30 years in the biz. If you are looking for speaker info, I have tried many over the years . So hit me up and I will try to help you younger guys and gals.
Hey man, welcome to the Bass Forum of UG . The trumpet skills remind of Flea XDDD

Nice bass you got there, although I never was big on Yamahas (Well, except for the John Myung series). On another note, you seem to act as if getting a new bass isn't so exciting? How many bass do you have?
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Hey, that is one awesome looking bass.
I'm from TalkBass as well, on there my name is Lower-Than-Low
Dude - you remind me of myself completely. I used to play trumpet and now play a Yamaha (a used RBX765 in red with gold hardware, which looks pretty damn similar to yours). I also used to play an RBX 170 before.
Ive been meaning to get pictures of my bass up for several months - ill probably get around to it.