So I've seen alot of local metalcore bands using what looks like two identical overdrive pedals running into 5150 or other high gain heads. Exactly what is the point of this? Do they really need that much overdrive? Sorry if this sounds dumb haha I just thought that a 5150 especially would have enough gain on it.
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they could be used as a boost for solos or to get that extra crunch
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they probably want enough gain to kill a small country and then a boost or solos, the first one probably runs all the time and the second one comes in for boost

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They weren't for boost, I know that. They just had them on the whole time.

On a sidenote; I know it's a horrible idea to use a distortion pedal while your amp is already on high gain. I don't know the exact mechanics of how distortion differs from overdrive but is this the same case with an overdrive pedal?
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I dont even think 2 of the same distortion pedals would even work. im not sure tho. Im trying it next time i go to guitar center.
Lots of guys who want heavier gain will use two tubescreamers in a row. In fact, you can get a tubescreamer that's been modified to sound like 2.
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Lol i don't know.

One guitarist I saw had a triple rectifier with dual overdrives running into it and it had the worst feedback I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. I wanted to go up and turn him down because even though he played ok; every time he would stop the whine would immediately spring forth.
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Of course, running 2 od pedals in hot mode cranked into a 5150 with gain to the max is just insane.

The 5150 doesn't have the gain that high, only around 1/4 to half I'd say
then the first TS is a gain booster, let's say, when playing a stream of power chords
then the 2nd TS is also a gain boost..no idea..cover up sloppy playing?

TS is for boosting gain, it doesn't do much to volume

oooh, more feedback.
Also, one of the pedals may not have had gain on it, maybe neither, or maybe only a bit.

ODs are used alot to slightly boost the gain, volume, but also to tighten up the sound, especially when it comes to 'metal amps', they dont normally use them for more gain, but to 'tighten up the sound'
What exactly does "tighten up the sound" mean?
I'm not having a go - I've heard it used before, I just don't know what it's describing.
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thats right, i use my tubescreamer in front of the amp to "tighten" up the sound. Probably because the TS has this certain mid bump to it, maybe thats why it sounds tighter. I leave the gain on 0 on the pedal and leave it on at all times.
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