did a search for this guitar and came up with nothing.

so i tried this guitar out today and it seemed pretty good. its in my price range($455, around 500 with tax) so thats good. i was looking at this Godin guitar which was also a type of acoustic/electric cross but had a humbucker in it as well. it had two imputs: one for humbucker, one for acoustic. a little too much money for me though. but sounded great.

the OLP doesnt have the humbucker but has a pickup under the bridge. makes an interesting tone i must say. i kinda like the tone though so its fine. and if i turn the mid and treble tone down it sounds nice as well. the only thing i dont like about it was that when i did a bend around the 15th fret, it fretted out a bit. it didnt lose the sound but you could hear it buzz and lose that nice round sound and makes a weaker tone. im thinking that might go away if i put heavier strings on and/or adjust the truss rod. the neck seemed pretty flat and that might be part of the problem.

anyways, i seemed to like it. i like that its more of an acoustic than electric. im going to be doing more acoustic type stuff and something like this would be great. im also going to be moving out to go to college and live with some friends and it would be nice to have a small guitar like this that i can play unpluged but isnt too loud.

but im looking for opinions on this guitar. does anyone own one has ever owned one? i couldnt find any reviews on it. things like do they feedback a lot, are they durable, can i actually fix the fret buzz etc...

I honestly don't think you should get this, unless (of course :p) you "really want it". Five hundred dollars for an acoustic that won't get much sound, or be a great electric. I'd suggest to keep trying out acoustics, and if you find one you REALLY like, it isn't hard to set up a pickup in there and plug it in.

I tried looking for it and I couldn't find anything about it either. -_-