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I passed and I am American
187 33%
I failed and I am American
117 21%
I passed and I am not American
25 4%
I failed and I am not American
237 42%
Voters: 566.
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Alot of people would say that most americans would fail the citizenship test for their own country. I got an 80%, it's not bad but you need an 85 or higher to pass.
It's only 20 questions so it shouldn't take long at all.
95%... missed the one about "What form for naturalization", although you'd know if you were actually applying...
Inna gotta davita.

i got a 65%
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I got a perfect score. I had to guess on the question," What INS form is used to apply to become a naturalized citizen?" but otherwise I knew every answer.
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55% =[ i suck, but I'm not 18 so I don't care.
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I got 95% I missed the one about which amendment does not concern voting rights.
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I failed, I'm not american, but I do have an american citizenship.

Got 40%.

I'm so gonna steal you yanks jobs... for revenge or something
Quote by freno911
95%... missed the one about "What form for naturalization", although you'd know if you were actually applying...

Yeah, same here. I was born in the States so I never had to fill one of those out. I figured "Application" was too straight forward of a word for the U.S. Government to use

95%, though.
40% but i never learned anything about America so I guess that's pretty good

Wooo America!
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80% That INS question is no fair though, What American would know that without guessing unless they are seriously taking the test.
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That ain't the real quiz the real one is 100 questions and has some written answers also.
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Did the first question, gave up right after. Shit, I don't know my own country's history, how would I know the USA's...
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85%. I just barely passed. But I don't care. I'm not gonna have anything to do with political stuff, and I was born in the U.S., so I'm a natural-born citizen.
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100% and british.

Try the british citizen one its so easy.
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45% not too shabby for someone who's only just stepped on American soil once in his life and isn't too interested in history or geography.
Lol 30% But i'm from england - GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.
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I got 40%
But i'm english and so i'm not really fussed

I got 35% and I AM american. I fail. at life.
that's it, I'm moving to england. Screw Bush!!!
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You answered 35% of questions correctly.

Don't care. I'm British and damn proud of it.
Although I'm slightly pleased that I got a few right.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
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Passed with my amazing knowledge of American history

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Try the british citizen one its so easy.

Where's that?

I'm afraid of all the Brits passing the test It's like they're plotting to take back the colonies!
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It's funny when people get like 50% or something and then say I'm not from the U.S so I don't care blah blah. Watch as some will probably HAVE to move to the U.S or something, I got 100% easy.
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100%. . . but I cheated, I am a law student
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i clicked the wrong poll option lol

EDIT: is it just me, or do some of the 'original states' options actually contain 14 states?

...or am i just tired from it being midnight?.....
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95% Because I missed who has the right to declare war. TECHNICALLY the President has the right to send in troops, but in order to provide later funding and support he has to have Congressional approval.
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We had to pass that with a 90% or higher, the whole 100 question version, for high school government in order to graduate.
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i got a 50% and im american, i havnt studied us history since like 8grade lol
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i got a 75% wich is like the same as all my grades at school
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I probably wouldn't even be able to point out the USA on a world map, so I failed miserably