I would very much like to have a new acoustic electric guitar. I could keep saving my money spend all of it on this martin


...or I could get a much cheaper washburn


and still have some money left over... the thing is, I could test out the martin because the guitar shop near me has the same one but they dont carry washburns so I wouldnt be able to test it out. Any advice?

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Ive never played either, but I do love that rich bass response of a Martin.
Just keep saving for the Martin it's not that much more, and it's a better guitar.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
NO DO NOT GET THE DX MARTIN. Any of the DX models of Martins are not good at all. The backs are HPL which is a laminate, this restricts the response of the wood and sounds pretty awful. Also, as time goes on, the guitar sounds worse. Solid backed guitars sound better as it gets older. If your looking to invest in a Martin, the entry level one to get is a $999 would be the D-15 which is solid back and solid top. For the money your looking to spend, you can get guitars 10times better than that Martin from brands like Breedlove, Washburn, and Takamine.
where do you live? i disagree with above about the sound of the x series martins. imo, they actually sound really good for the price. the thing to worry about with that martin IS the HPL top, sides, and back.... but not because of sound quality so much as longevity. if HPL is exposed to certain climate conditions for long periods of time, it has a tendency to basically just slowly fall apart. depending on where you live and how you care for your guitars, this can either be a BIG problem or really no big deal at all. i would recommend to at least save up an extra $50 if you want one of those martin's and get one with a solid top though... like this guy:


i can say that, imo, those guitars sound a lot better than the washburn d10sce... but you don't want to buy a guitar that is going to fall apart in 2 years either.