Well, I don't know how I feel about it... to be honest. It is music, there is talent, and I'm glad you are expressing yourself through it. It's not my style, I'll tell you that straight up.

But it was relaxing, and what not.

The thing that through me the most was the vocal harmonies, because I liked the effect they gave, but at the same time I felt that they fought the music, they seemed a little out of place.

But hey, its a good start for a song, and Keep on, keeping on... because some people may be ass hats... but you're still making good music.
There's something about the style of your music that's really interesting. I really like how your songs come across as sketches, which you fill with ideas. The lo-fi thing you have going on really emphasises the hazy mood and atmosphere of your work. Um Kid is fecking great. I wasn't a big fan Breakdown but the rest of you stuff is really great. Really, you have a lot of potential.
that sounds pretty good, not really my kind of music but interesting and cool none the less.. my favourite is um kid feat. big...interesting, the rest sounds like generic acoustic stuff, which dont get me wrong is good, but like i said not my style want to crit mine? you probably wont like but hey lol