i'm looking at an active bass for my next one [namely the stiletto] and i'd just like to know how long you can go before the battery dies.
i'm a total noob when it comes to active basses by the way
just carry a spare battery in your case or something
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mine on my guitar lasted a year and most of the time i left it plugged in so the batter ran the hole time so you can go pretty damn long
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mine hasent died since i got my active emgs which was sometime before winter
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Just make sure you don't leave it plugged in while playing and you should get (depending on the quality of the battery) around 1,200 hours out of it.
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i have a traben phoenix, and anytime i leave it plugged in overnight, the battery dies.

even when i don't, the battery needs changing every 1-2 weeks.

is that... normal?
I have a bass with 18V electronics. I bought it last August and I have yet to change the batteries.
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batteries will probably last about a year or at least 8 months

eltrentoro you might want to get youre bass looked at
are you useing high brand like energizer or duracell? you might want to try those batteries that are "Extra long lasting" the E^2 lithium or whatnot

also you should consider switching to 18V operation. does youre bass sound a tad fuzzy/distorted even after swiching to fresh batteries?
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So long as you have a stereo jack, the batteries only drain when you have a chord pluged in.

And at the very least (rubbish batteries, pushing the circuit as hard as it can go) you will be measuring use in hundreds of hours. So with 2 hours a day (average) you might get nearly a year out of it. Just carry a spare battery of you, have an active passive switch, or both to be safe.
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