I've been working on the song Seek and Destroy by Metallica and i've been having trouble keeping up with the song because my hand gets ridiculously tired.....i've been working on my alternate picking but i have a lot of trouble doing it on the low E string throughout the chorus and verse riff, so i just downpick....is my worn out hand/fingers because of the lack of alternate picking or is it because i just havent built the endurance yet?
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i know that song and i downpick the open E might be the endurance i think downpicking the open sounds better anyway just alternate every thing else specially the solo
i downpick everything except the solo
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Both, actually. Use whatever method that feels more comfortable, though.
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Don't tense up your hand. It sounds like you are all tensed up, which makes you get tired quickly. Play with a soft touch. Hold the pick enough to keep it from falling out, but not any harder. You don't have to hit the string hard either. Soft and relaxed is the key. If you keep playing all tensed up, you will injure yourself.
just keep practicing your alternate picking.

btw, most metallica stuff is all downpicking
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learn alternate picking
it will be more helpful in the long if ever you decide to branch out in different styles and such
and faster music means you have to play faster.
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