This is a song I did for a project in College Prep. Chemistry. It was kinda a hit with everyone and has been one I've been requested to play alot. This isn't my best work but I don't want to post one of my better ones yet. The pharsing might not make since reading but live it makes more since and some of the words might not make a whole lot of since unless you have taken or remember chem, but they add to the comedy of the song. It's done in a form that is nearly forgotten.

Talkin' Strontium

If you don't know who I am
The names stronti-am
That's periodic number 38
I have a half life of about 28
That may not seem old to you
But it sure is to me

Now if you see me
I may be a silver or white
Except when exposed to 02 I'm yellow
But that does not mean I'm very mellow
I will explode
When exposed
To air
So beware

Now if you are not careful
I'll give you cancer in your bone marrow
You can find me in radioactive fallout
So beware cause I'm the 15th most abundant element on earth
I'm not all bad
I can help find cancer
And sometimes
You can find me
In toothpaste

Now before I've got to go
There are a few things left to know
About strontium
You see strontium got its name from a place in Scotland
It'll boil around 1655 degrees
It'll melt at little over 1000
Man I don't know about you
But that's kinda
By the way that's in Kelvin

Thanks if you read this far.
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interesing kinda reminded me of a nursey rhyme,you should throw just heavy metal type riffs been verses,and sing it sorta idk normally i guess would be the word.I've never took chem.,but i get what u mean w/ it its not bad for it is a nursey rhyme type song that u could make sound interesting and build off.or even children's tune you know for those science shows just thought thats proably what it more is than a nursey rhyme.https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9861191#post9861191
Thanks. It kinda does half a bit of that in it. My chem teacher loved guitar. He expected that move from me. He even had do a recording of it (on a laptop) and video record it in class. But it is in a way kind of a nursey rhyme style song. The style is talkin' blues which isn't really used anymore except for Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie but neither have done any recently. I have two more like this but less chem and more satire protest. "Talkin' Gasoline Blues" and "Talkin' Sawyer Mountain Landfill Blues."

This isn't a typical song for me, but it was fun.

And thanks again for crit. I always like an independent crit.
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