Title=?Trapped? I'm totally unsure of the title

We all gather into the field
To see if you can overcome
Slowly we send out your enemies
Slowly one by one

Your ready to fight
You refuse to die
Never will you win
But you'll damn sure try


We watch you fight
You slay on
Too bad the truth is
You can never leave this hell

Your enemies are many
Your will is falling fast
You'll fight until you die
Seems to be the only way you'll go


Metal clashes with metal
Screams of dying men
Your foes fall one by one
And you still stand


You fall in pain
Clutching your wound
The blood is pouring out
Pouring all over you

You think it's the end
Of your terrible living nightmare
But it's only the beginning
Your not goin anywhere

Kramer Vanguard

Les Paul Copy with Seymour Duncan Invaders
i dont really like the rhyme sheme.
ts a bit predictable.
it also seems like you forced a few rhymes.
Quote by jamie_4061
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It seemed to me a little boring, no metaphors or similies which basically make a song. More a state of the obvious with a cliche thrown in here and there. Oh, and a few minor grammatical errors but nothing huge.