I just want to know, who thought up Music Theory and why does it work? I understand what I know of it, and I know it makes your music...well, music, but why does it work? Sorry if this is poorly worded.
it works, because some old guy in a wig said it does. do not question the theory... it does not like to be questioned.

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I've been thinking about this for ages. Do you think its the way that we've been bought up so that good music sounds good because we are used to it or is it a scientific explanation?

I don't know if that made sense or not.
There is science behind the bases of music theory: Intervals. They can be explained by how the frequencies at which the vibrating body, string in this case... vibrates, and how those vibrations compare to one another. So this part can be scientifically explained, and this explains key signatures, scales, chords, all that stuff, but the specifics (Such as the names of the notes, names of chords and scales) were thought up by musicians. For example, Bach created the harmonic minor scale which is now an accepted piece of music theory.

Other focuses, such as rhythm, are not related to science at all. There is some math involved, but rhythm was, most likely, thought up by a musician. Rhythm is ancient though, I guarantee there were Egyptians making primitive drums and dancing to the beat. So I would think that at some point, rhythm was eventually mastered and guidelines were set out as a standard for music so that it could be easily interpereted and understood on sheet music, and appreciated by listening theorists.

I don't want to keep typing because I have no hard proof for any of this But I will say that music theory wasn't just thought up by some old dude back in the 1500's. Music has been around since the dawn of, well, the first species that could appreciate rhythm and sympathetic vibrations. Theory is still being discussed and developed today. Take John Coltrane's (was it him?) like function substitution theory, it is what it is, a theory.

Don't take music theory as a set of rules. They are guidelines to aid musicians in properly writing, reading, and playing music. You can completely disobey all these guidelines and still make music.
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