Basically I have an ESP LTD EC-1000VB and I want to go to C tuning for that guitar, At the moment I use 9 - 42 strings in standard tuning, What Gauge Strings will I need to use For C-G-C-F-A-D (Drop C) so it will feel as if I have 9-42 tension if you get me.

Much Appreciated.
i use 10-52 gusge strings and dropped C feels like my old strings which were 9-42 in standard
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A couple weeks ago I was in a bind for some strings when I couldn't buy the power slinkys I usually get (.48 - .11) so I settled on the Zakk Wylde set of ghs boomers instead. When I was jamming with some freinds about a week later and needed to install them I found that the .60 guage E string was too big for my sperzels on my EC-1000. So just watch out with the size b/c the tuners are kinda on the small side.
10s would work for you if you want a similiar feel. but try and experiment with gauge sizes.
I love my ernie ball heavy bottom strings(10-52) in standard, cus I can chug away on those lower strings, but get the normal 10s to play leads on comfortably
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