ok, i'm going to buy some new effects pedals, i play mainly metal, hard rock, punk, classic rock, and alternative. i want a distortion, a wah wah and a pedal tuner mainly.
i've been looking at the MXR distortion III and the Boss distortions (no particuar one) for distortion. the Dunlop orginal crybaby and the ibanez weeping demon for wah wah. and the fender custom for the tuner. are any of these any good? also what is the difference between distortion, overdrive, and fuzz?
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dunlop crybaby all the way, as for the others i am not sure. the crybaby original is amazing. the ibanez, eh, its okay.
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If you're looking at dunlop Wahs, I'd get the 535Q. I choose it over the plain one for the fasel inductor and the range selector as well as the volume boost and filter adjustments.
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I would say, look into DigiTech, I've never had a problem with their pedals, and they sound really nice with every guitar I've played trough them.
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I personally say BOSS all the way, especially for the Distortion pedals.

Even the DS-1, which is really basic, is very good.
and they are all built like bricks, so dont worry about breaking them at all. (if you ever read reviews, someone always has to say that, so I figured I'll throw that in, haha)
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