i used to play electric guitar and switched about a year and a half ago to playing acoustic and i noticed that the strings were a lot harder. they make the sound a lot more clean but i cant play for as long as i could with the softer strings. also im having a hard time bending the strings. any advice? should i stick with the harder strings or do softer strings work just as well?
Lighter strings are easier to play, but don't sound as good as heavier strings. I personally prefer Lights.
Oh and yes, bending strings is definately harder on acoustic, you just got to keep trying. It's tough, but do-able.
Light gauge strings will make bends easier but dont sound as good imo.
It's just the nature of the beast that acoustics are harder to play than electrics. Each is designed to use it's own type of string and gauge, and the two should not be confused with each other. Yes, they are both guitars, and both have 6 strings, but the similarities end there. Playing styles, hand/arm strengths required, the cost of strings/parts are all different. Electrics for instance are a lot more expensive since you also need an amp for them. You can rock on with a nice acoustic for about $500 bucks.
Light gauge acoustic strings are typically going to be .012-.054. But by an electrics standards, those would be HUGE. I've got double 9's on my electric at the moment(both high E and B string are same gauge, .009), while the low E is a .042. Notice the drastic difference? So when you hear people suggest light gauge strings, keep in mind they could be talking about either an electrics light gauge, or an acoustics. Lights for an acoustic are not all that easy to bend, and takes some serious hand/arm strength to do it right, and without pain.