A friend and I on an improvisational adventure.

nothing but delay... and different kinds of delay (i think) and some fun drumming.

the 20:00+ gets interesting.

(Not metal)

crit for crit
Right now I am about 10 minutes into it and its inspiring me like a mother ****er. Reminds me at times of some old skool Pink Floyd, Tool at times, and then at other times some experimental indie sort of music. Hell yea. I love the delay settings you are using. At times it sounds like a violin, then I love at other times when you are picking arpeggios and the delay just creates this sound of soundscape in the background. I imagine it would get pretty trippy if you set your delay up in stereo and had the delay bouncing back and forth. I can imagine some phaser would sound pretty cool at times too. I'm really liking this, and it's definitely inspiring me in many many ways.

What kind of delay settings are you using? Such as type of delay, how fast you have it going...(if known)

I would definitely love to hear more of his stuff. Keep it up.

If you have a chance, check out my newest song, 'Whispering Through Closed Doors'

BTW: I just got to the 14:00 mark and I REALLY like it right now. The little accents you do between the chords sometimes are badass.
very nice improv the drummer deffenently sets up some nice grooves wich is what i am trying to beat my drummer into doing LEARN TO GROOVE UGH

nice work sad thing is you guys probably cant recreate it again .. >.< but you have it recorded so you can show evrybody "man it was just me and my friend and we had this HUGE sack and we jujst started playing and luckilly i pressed the record button before we started so .. yeah!!"

what drum kit does he have ..... if its a drum machine im gunna foam at the mouth but still if it is it'ss cool i still wanna know wich one.
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lol alright...

it seems that nothing i do here really gets much attention and these two replies are enough for me to begin my ramble.

Yes. that is a drum machine running through a reason drum kit (some kind of combinator kit that i downloaded), the drums being played through a Trigger-finger and and my oxygen49 at the same time (thats how the double bass went down).

The reason for the poor, and yes, its not great, quality is because it was recorded through a beta 57 that picked up the drumsound + guitar coming out of the same monitors. (ghetto, yes). Im really picky about sound, so we sat and positioned the mic in various places where the guitar wouldnt drown the drums and vice versa. and then yea, this happened...

Basically i told him, let me just start something, and we groove (though before this jam, we did the same thing, except i played drums and he played guitar... it didnt really hit it like this). The delay effects are coming through an m-audio blackbox v2. I dont even really know what the numbers mean yet, but if it does anything i started with the settings 4T, then really just began to mix it up and go up to 8D and down to 2D and towards the end i hit 1M... like i said i really dont know (but i should educate myself on it). and in realtime i would switch between the delay effects and try to 'tame' them... literally. Each delay setting has its own feel, that once you catch the groove of, you can really begin to experiment in playing the downbeats and the upbeats, and even chaning the direction of the groove which is what you hear, and why you hear 'inconsistent' things though there were some jams based on like 1-4-5 progressions and simple pentatonic licks.

we were totally sober... if it helps i havent smoked since sunday and my head feels a little clearer (lol...). But yea, my goal with this is to cut out the parts that i like i begin to try and reproduce them. the drummer is really down for this kind of music and that what it takes to produce a sound like this (he's 16 btw... im 21) and we really feel that reproducing this is no problem. Hopefully it'll become like a breakdown in a song or something.

theres another track both him and i did when we began to learn to use the drum machine its called polemen here : www.purevolume.com/gabemendoza

edit: i will throw down a crit on your track

edit2: im listening to it now.... im really sorry for this ****ty EQ guys, im going to 'remaster' it.... i put it up in a hurry at 12am last night cause i just wanted it out, but i coudlnt make noise in my room here... so i did it from some ****ty walkman headphones. NEVER DO THAT.
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