My band just started, but we figure if we get a cool name soon we dont worry about it later. But the name sticks, i dont want something dumb. Besides that, i dont know how to make a good one. Any ways? We are shooting for a punk/emo sound, and i dont want a name like, Thrash Burn Kill or something.
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i dont know how to make a good one. Any ways?

... You think of one...
hey dickhead, i was asking for ways to figure one out, not asking for a name.
Break Off

Heart In Hand

Demonstrater (not like demon but like you're showing someone something lol)

The Act Of Action

i dont know lol
i thought those were alright off the top of my head

EDIT: You could use literary devices to also think of a cool name. You could combine certain objects that wouldnt normally go together to make a cool name....and use thesaurus.com lol

EDIT 2: I removed the first name cause i wanna use it for a song name lol
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You could always go with randomly looking in the dictionary, but honestly you should sit as a group and make a decision about that. Your band name does not have to sound powerful or meaningful to be a good band, its just a title.
Go to a random wikipedia site, and then look for a phrase. Or else just think of one like the rest of us
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