Im not a beginner at guitar, been playing for upwards of 2 years taking lessons and I think im pretty good but I never seem to get better at chords where you do a bar, such as a full power chord do my fingers just suck or or is there some way i can aproach barring to make it a bit easier on my finger
hmm i would suggest keep practicing until you get it
you could also try using a lighter gauge string
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well ive ALMOST about perfected barring on electric but on acoustic I can play a bar chords for about 10 seconds and then I just cant push anymore. it bums me out. :[
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try not to push really hard on the neck with like your thumb, i had the same problem.. also the action on your acoustic might need to be lowered, that helps... hmmm also warm up your thumb first cause i find my thumb does allll the work essentially with bar chords.
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To practice I would just take your index finger and bar all six string and move it up and down the neck while strumming...make sure your finger is in the middle of the fret...this is just a practice exercise...this is like the anchor so to speak...then start adding your middle ring and pinky fingers to form actual chords once you have the anchor practiced well...when changing from bar chord to bar chord its important to have the anchor their first for me...thats just me though.