how??? mine wotn work using a converter to plug it into the mic input thing. is there any other way i can HOOK IT UP TO MY COMPUTER?? i dont wanna use a mic...i dunno why. i dont like mics. but is there any other way to hook it up to my computer???

thanks! peace!!!!!!

and also, if i wanted a wammy bar on my guitar, but it doesnt have that kind of thing, would i have to have someone do surgery on it, and replace that thing??
a wammy bar can be inserted into a guitar if you know what youre doing.
to connect a guitar to a computer you need some sort of preamp with a line out, or external soundcard or something.
In regards to your second question... if you wanted to put a whammy bar on your guitar and it has none you would have to remove the old bridge.

Now... about what that "thing" is called.... it's called a bridge and you need to take it off of your guitar and do some routing to the body... you also have to consider the thickness of your guitar and if its a carved top or not. Also if your guitar is a semi-hollow body electric you cant really put a FR style whammy bar on it... you'd have to put something else on it. Honestly I would just recommend giving it to someone to do all of that for you...
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yeah, id never do anything to it that could possibly mess it up, thats why i asked if i had to or not. so i prolly wont...
I'll assume you've got a 6.5mm stereo socket to 3.5mm stereo plug adaptor, and I know you said you put it into the mic input, but did you try the line in? I use the adaptor to plug directly into the line in, and it works fine.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but worth trying if the mic input doesn't work.
What you want is a DI unit. "A DI unit or DI box is an electronic device that connects a high impedance line level signal that uses an unbalanced cable with a 1/4" phone plug to a low impedance mic level input that uses a balanced cable and XLR connector.".

I bought a DI with a Jensen tranformer, plugged my guitar into that and then the DI to my soundcard, obtained Guitar Rig 2 (completely legally of course ) and found a whole world of new sound at my fingertips.