Ibanez DE7- 50$ shipped.
EHX Holy Grail- 70$ shipped
EHX Small Clone-50$ shipped.
Randall unloaded 212- 65$ shipped.
Celestion Seventy/80 35$ shipped
Realistic Utah 50$ shipped.


ALSO have a VINTAGE Conn strobotuner I'd let go for the right price.
pics? im willing to buy MOST of this stuff

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Where are you located and do you have a pic of the cab?
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I will buy the Grail... Oh Yes. And the clone! PM if interested.
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Email me for pics of the items you're interested in, my photobucket is being a piece of crap so I will just send them through email, if you're interested: josh_hajduk@hotmail.com Thanks guys! I have pics of all items, my photobucket just won't work.
is the ibanez a delay pedal???
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pics of that randall cab please
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The brown spot you see in the picture of the front is NOT on the grille cloth, it's a speaker that was in it at the time. I also have additional add-ons to make the back 3/4 closed. Will sell unloaded for 65$ shipped and with both speakers for 135$ shipped.
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I cant believe that the DE7 is still for sale.

SOMEONE BUY THIS PEDAL. ITS AMAZING, especially at 50 bones.
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I believe I will take the cab (empty) and ship it to my friend's in MI. I live on the border so it easier to drive there than to pay tons extra to ship it right to me. Can you hold it for me for a day or so? I just need to show my husband 'cause he is buying it for me.
-Squire '51 Strat
-Turser SG w/ P-90s
-Vox Valvetronix AD100 head
-Marshall MG412
-Simon Hollowbody (for sale $200)

They get the job done.

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i sent a pm
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grail and de7 gone. 50$ for the small clone. 45$ shipped for my Arion SFL-1 MIJ flanger. Randall cab still available.