you took off your tie as you walked into the bar
and unbuttoned your shirt as you stumbled down the stairs
the shouts, the screams, it felt just like a dream
the kicks, the punches, two contestants fought for no reason

until one finally fell to the floor
and yelled he couldn't take it any more
you walked into the middle and sized up your opponent
it was your turn to fight

one, two, three kicks, four
a knee in the stomach and he was down on the floor
he got up and tackled you against the wall
tearing, scratching, lashing out with his hands

you pushed him away
picked up a chair paused and gave him that glare,
then battered his back
till he yelled and submitted

you had won another fight on a friday night
and with honour you limped back to the bar

then when you ordered a pint
a man came up to you and asked;

"is violence your answer to life?"


it's a bit violent i know, but if you have any suggestions i'm all ears