Be honest.

Well, when I was 12 or 13, I watched School of rock, and thought they were really "cool" .
This resulted in me downloading music from classic rock bands, and here I am today, and I like stuff like radiohead, brand new, bright eyes, modest mouse, blah blah blah doesn't matter.

So, what about you?
i think it was when i noticed as girls got more into music, their boobies developed more.


i see you're a fellow boobie enthusiast!
A combination of old Green Day on the radio and School of Rock. That kid on keyboard still fails.
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P-Rock TV at age 13/14 got me into music.
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actually, i think it was my dad. He got me into classic rock/metal and took me to a few concerts when i was younger. One day i just decided that i wanted to be able to play something too...
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The Offspring's Ixnay on the Hombre.

Wait you guys got into music with School of Rock?

I was in university when that film came out

Before that I listened to Lightning Seeds and Oasis when I was younger, but I had a gap of a couple years where I didn't really listen to much.
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My dad was listening to The Police when i was about 9 and my Mum listened to Bon jovi when i was 10 or 11.
My dad is a big blues fan, but he had some rock CD's. And also rock bands of the 90's like Blur & Feeder (Buck rogers was the first "rock" tape I had.)
Nirvana/Nevermind changed my life.

One of these days I'll tell my story about them.
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the first time i heard hendrix when i was sixteen got me playing guitar! before that i was listening to rap and some indie bands but now im all about rock anything with a guitar in it!
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Dad playing Iron Maiden on the way to school...it was pretty inspirational...all the Satan and demons Iron Maiden sang about, then walking into a Christian school...that made the day interesting...lol...
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listenin to oasis as a wee kid and ma dad puttin queen and led zepplin on in the car. It was mainly bands like oasis, blur and travis though that were on the radio in the nineties.

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i remember my dad trying to get me into country and hair metal when i was little and me telling him to **** off.

great times, ****ty music.
taste of chaos tour 05.
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My mum listening to Aerosmith, Brian Adams, Bon Jovi when I was like, 2.

Also, the wrestling when I was like, 10 got me into metal.
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I do believe 'twas a mix of old Chili Peppers, and my mums records (Alice Cooper, Iron Butterfly, Sabbath, etc...)
Cream's live version of Crossroads, when at the end Eric says thank you and Bruce says Eric Claptons Vocals. Somehow that song just got me into music, and then I picked up a guitar
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Pantera - 'Cemetary Gates'. I heard that aged 10 or 11 and was like: "hell yer". I then went on to grow several beards, wear aviator shades and shorts all year round, while cussin' like a sailor. This was by age 12
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um, i'm not really sure, my memory of that time period is ****ed..... and no, I'm not an old hippie who was high all the time, i'm only seventeen, but i don't remember stuff from that time cuz I was goin trough a lot of sh;t around in then and I think I blocked a lot out somehow....

I think it was when I got my guitar for my 15th birthday and the few months that I had lessons. Before that I'd always sorta been into music, like you know how a lot of people just get the overall sound/feel of a song, not the individual notes and such... the sort of person who couldn't really appreciate an awesome solo... but that's when I started to REALLY get into music, and REALLY listen to it.... yup, now it's all gravy...

[thinks about how his memory's sh;t even on stuff that shouldn't need blocking.... probably killed off too many braincells]
I think what started it all (besides the Pumpkins) was "Carry on my wayward son." I heard that and started looking up Classic rock and that lead me into early punk and then grunge and more 90's artist. But yeah the first guitar riff in that song made me wanna rock the hell out.
it started cuz my whole family listens to rock and metal. when i was about 10, my brother gave me a copy of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" album and thats when he got a guitar.
3 years later i got mine and now we're writing our own songs
Hearing guitar solo's on commercials, tv themes etc when i was very young is what got me into music. And my uncle got me into classic rock and hard rock and from there I found metal and lots of other guitar stuff aswell as varied stuff from all genre's.
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I'd have to say Bob Marley although my music taste has changed completely since.
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Watching a recorded Neil Young concert, the lights 'round the house were knackered so the place was lit with candles. It was the BBC's 'In Concert' series, his voice was immense, my favourite was probably Old Man or Don't Let It Bring You Down.
I don't understand why anyone would get into music because they saw School of Rock and wanted to look cool like the kids on there. I just started listening to the radio when I was really little and ever since I've been finding new bands and stuff to listen to.
my dad played me a pixies album and I was like whaaat..

I was also a Blink182/Green Day/NOFX kid
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