thanks man !
and thats not the ending . i just havent be assed to finished it just yet
it basically goes back to the chorus and has a little outro solo (Y)
that was sweet again man. only complaint would be sometimes theres too much going on in the riffs, like theyre over complicated and sometimes its hard to pick out the melody but the riffs are great anyways. breakdown was great the solo was flawless as usually, although i have an outro harmony in a song of mine practically identical to your harmony section oafter the solo

anyways i loved the verse riff with the taps on the low string that was pretty cool. and the chorus is great.

just hold out that note at the end or make an outro or something, nm you said what youre doing in your post
^^^ cheers man
i was pritty proud of the solo 2bh
and yeah no worries i was guan change the harmony part neway
just too lazy
no i didnt have any problems with the harmony i was just suprised how we wrote such a similar melody.
It's quite impressive, but half of the time it feels as if you're trying too hard... . The tapping stuff here and there felt really unnecessary, and the rythms throughout the whole song had a lot of 'filler notes' in them (don't know how else to put it...). The solo's were very cool!
Overall I liked it, but like I said it's too much sometimes... . 8/10

crit mine?