i'm gonna get a new bass amp this summer but i need help choosing which one to get. i generally go for the steve harris/frank bello/dd verni type metal bass tone. i use a fender p deluxe with p/j seymour duncan quarter pound pickups. obviously i can't afford 8x10 speaker cabs but my budget is generally pretty good. any help with amp makes and models will be appreciated :P cheers
for a metal sound either go with a 4x10 or even a 2x12 or 4x12. Test out all you can, the main companies are Gallien kruger, Ampeg, Ashdown, i would say those are the top 3 for metal.
whats the budget?
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Look at the Ashdown ABM series, I have got a great Harris tone out of one.
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A Markbass amp, very loud and very light, can get pretty much nay tone you want out of it with two ready made on board filters that control the sound and can change it a lot.
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check out the gallien kruegers 800RB and the 1001RB heads... theyre amazing...

cabs, you should just try some at the store and see what fits you best.......as for cabs i would recommend you some gallien krueger neo 412.... maybe the gallien krueger goldlines if your budget cant afford the neos, i love them, but their sound might be too bright for you....

actually the brightness on those cabs would actually be a problem, if you had one of those heads, especially the 1001RB, cose you'd have absolute tonal control... as far as tone versatility goes, i know nothing better then gallien krueger.... theres nothing you cant do with them...
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yes, but only if you cant afford the other.......

you can play a gig as big and loud as you want with the 1001RB... and it's something that will probably last you a lifetime... i bet you wouldnt need anything else...
and if you cant really afford the ones i mentioned, try to find them USED!...
i recomend the SVT450H it's a good head for the price between the 7001 and the 10001RB and you can turn it pretty high without the head itself distorting. and it has a VERY fat good sound. if you insist on getting a solid state head then i think this is the best one you can get. as far as cabs you should probably match an ampeg head with an ampeg cab so you get the full effect.
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i would recommend the head emergency exit said.............it is not as versatyle and it has a fatter sound (generally) then the gallien krueger..... i would personally go for the krueger, but if youre looking for a classic tone, then you should go for the ampeg.....

also the sound on the Galliens NEVER DISTORTS on bit, even if you turn it on to the maximum volume... its just fantastic.....
i think the galliens sound better when using effects as well... but thats something strictly personal...
i like the line 6 bass amps, they're really versitile and you can get pretty much any sound out of 'em