Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I had a question. I'm borrowing (more like keeping) a Fender Precision bass (Mexico-made) and it's in perfect condition except the knobs (volume and tone). They both seem loose, and when they are turned to maximum or minimum, rather than going from one to ten, they go from, like 0 to 9 1/2 for the volume, and 7 to 5 for the tone. Also, it doesn't make any sound when plugged in, except for a few random bursts of volume, so I can't do much with it. I've never owned an electric bass, so I'm new to repairing them. Any help would be very much appreciated!

take it to ur local guitar shop and ask if they can have a look at it
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Make sure the input jack is not loose. Take the knobs off and check if the pots are loose since that can make the knobs loose too. If the pots are loose you'll probably just have to tighten the nut to fix them.

That's what the pots look like. Nut #1 is the one to tighten if that's what you need to do.
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And about the numbers not matching the actual position of the pots. Ihavedyslexia's picture shows the meters with the knobs off. To get access to the nuts, you'll have to remove the knobs first. That is easy enough. Just pull them off. If your fingers alone can't do it, wrenching a half of a wooden clothes peg underneath can do the trick (a steel screwdriver will work also, but too easily damages the knob and/or the pick guard.
After having tightened the nuts, twist the pots to zero and then slide the knobs in place with the number zero pointing towards the direction you think is right.
That's all, basically.
It sounds like your potentiometers have had it.

go to your local music shop for them to replace them or buy new ones from an electronics shop, but as you haven't had much experience in this type of thing i would reckon that you should go to your local guitar shop.
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I tightened up the knobs and it works perfectly! Thanks! The only thing is that it's slightly distorted if I turn it up to 10 (on the bass; i keep the amp at 2/3), but I can just turn it down to 5 and turn up the amp, so no problems!