Hello UG!

Yesterday I visited a shop, for some new guitars, and I noticed, there is quite nothing I really wanted to have in the moment... ^^"
I tried a Jackson Kelly (KE-3), which felt like... "quite normal". It wasn't anything special to me, the only cool things are the body shape and the head I guess. Yeah, it's a little small, but what that was not the biggest problem, what I didn't like is that there is no tone pot on it. xD

So I tried another guitar, it was some Schecter, Diamond Series I think a Demon. It had a fixed bridge, Duncan Designed humbuckers and a... strange neck: the edges were quite sharp, and the surface was really raw (<- *hope it to be the right word*).

I didn't try any other guitars, because we had to go to Metallica then. =)

I am only playing since July 06, so about one year, but I love how much different guitars there are, and if I was the son of a veeeeeeeery rich familiy I guess I would have my own museum full of guitars. *g*

At the moment I own an Ibanez GRG270 (still great ^^) and an IC400 (me LOVE iceman).
What my next guitar (maybe this summer) should be like:
.) no Fender head
.) FR would be cool, and IF, it doesn't have to be an OFR
.) neck binding would be really great
.) no LP style
.) tone pot
.) 2 humbuckers
.) maybe NOT black... I have enough to clean with my other two glossy black guitars xD
.) custom inlays (or lets say anything but normal dots ) would also be fine
.) I like "non-normal" shapes, like Iceman, Firebird, Mockingbird, Kelly, Rhoads, V (but not Gibson's! xD)... what I don't like are most BC Rich Shapes and Dimebag Models... I love his music but not his guitars. ^^
.) So yeah, I mainly play metal, but it would be nice to have some options, this is why I want 2 humbuckers and (at least) one tone pot.

I hope there is Jackson like this, because I looove Jackson's head stock. ^^
And the price... I am trying to keep it low of course, but I want a good guitar, and I know it could get very expensive... but let's see, has anyone ideas for such a guitar?
Of course it doesn't have to be exactöy like I listed above.
So I'll have a closer look at ESP/LTD now, maybe I find something there.

so you want something "out there", but not too "out there"?

king v, maybe? warrior (maybe too out there)?

they most likely only have dot inlays though, but if you aren't willing to spend too much, something probably has to give.
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if u were u i would look into makeing my own guitar it really dosnt cost that much
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erm... yeah, something like this. ^^

I don't like the warrior shape that much, but btw the Ibanez Xiphos seems really nice to... anybody has experience with it?
King V... I'll have a look, but I just found ESP's V... I like it, AND it has a white binding on its neck, really nice! ^^

Oh yeah, custom shops... that would be great, but I yesterday I visited Peavey and made a custom guitar on there homepage... nothing under 3000$ I think. ^^
A cool guitar to buy if you have the money is the ESP Alexi Laiho signature. pretty sweet stuff
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Hm... my price range is not that big as to get something from custom shop. :/

It doesn't have to have all the things I listed, as I said before, so I guess... 600 - 800 or maybe 1000€? :/

That would include some of the top end LTD models, like the V-500 for example.

With Schecter I probably would even get something cheaper, but I haven't seen any details yet.

So I guess it's not going to be a Jackson, but I'll have a look at some Dinkys later.
Jackson X-Series RR or King V, perhaps?

They have:

Jackson headstock
Sharkfin Inlays
Two Duncan-designed humbuckers
Locking trem
Tone pot
Not LP style
Kickass shapes
Come in other colours than black

Or, if you're prepared to stretch towards the top of your budget: Jackson RR5

(All the features listed above, except real Seymour Duncans)

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RR5 (no floyd) or RR24 (only bridge humbucker) . You want that all with 1000$? It's hard to find, unless you buy a custom guitar..