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My school is having a talent show and I need one song for 2 guitarists and a drummer to play.

Nothing too hard, as it's our first gig.

And the more 'radio friendly' the better. As in, something that at least a few members of the audience will recognise.
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Here's where people start sarcasticly naming pop-punk bands.

Edit: What kind of music do you like?
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Get one of the guitar players to use a bass and play some Nirvana. Easy and recognizable.
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arctic monkeys bet you look good on the dancefloor? thats fairly simple and everyonell know it
then yeah nirvana, the cliche, Smells like... easy and recognisable
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Maybe you should play like......ummmm......Guns n roses cause like everyone will know them. or maybe something like The angels, oorr......umm....cmon guys....help me out here........just ploay something original like.. i dunno. think of a classic band..
oh..and one tip. if you r gonna play standing up then dont have your guitar above your belt, because you aint in the beatles....and just go crazy in the solo!!!
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