Hey, I made a thread a while back about the myspace ug group, and some kids said they'll join if it looked more like Ultimate-guitar.com's layout. Well, I decoded the html used on Ultimate guitar's frontpage and tried to feed all of that in on the myspace's group and it got messed up, so it took me like an hour and a half, but I manually transferred SOME of the frontpages html to it. I got tired also, so the borders arnt in on the tables and that small stuff isn't in there, but if you got a myspace, check my group out pleaze.


if that doesn't work....

Joined....I like it a lot.
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I joined now we can all have UG conversations on myspace :p
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just a few of my fans..

I'm in. Make me one of the top friends please I'm Mikesybaby!
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looks good. I joined, will probably never go on those group forums, but nevermind. The important thing is, I joined.
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nice one man looks great, I joined. We need to have a way to share recordings that we do on there...
Joined. 'll give you a cookie if you putme in the top. My profile name is Me!!
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I was wondering when ug was going to get an offical myspace

It's not official but for the time being, it's basically the only one that seems somewhat official.