I play mostly metal and rock and I'm not a beginner but I'm not exactly great or anything so I don't need anything too fancy. I don't need any effects or anything, (even distortion I've got pedals for that :P) just a standard amp that does it's job well and is around 225 bucks will do.

Thanks in advance
Do you want tube or solid-state, and how loud do you need it to be (bedroom levels, or gigs and band practice)?

Right off the bat I'll suggest a Vox AD30VT or a Roland Cube, but more info would be nice.
I'm fine with either tube or solid state and I play mostly in my bedroom but I sometimes get together with my friends and we play random songs, we never go gigging or anything like that though
You'd probably like the Cube. I think they sound pretty good for solid state.
Look at the Vox Valvetronix line. The 30 watt one is probably in your price range. Some feel that they are better than the Roland Cube line.
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