Ive got a epiphone sg and i am wondering if i can put a floyd rose on it if so how much would it cost to insert it in new zealand money cheers. :peace
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and no...the body's too thin


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I would look into kahler trems. In my opinion they are way better the FR's and require less routing.
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People say no, but it can be done, but it's a very tough job as the body is sooo thin.

The metal block usually exceeds the length of the body, but shortened versions are about but they have less tuning stability and are a little more expensive.

The routing itself should cost around 35-50GBP

You'd best be off with a Kahler trem.
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OFR is also out because Tune-O-Matic has a neck pocket angle that is not acceptable for any Floyd Rose.

Go w/ the Kahler.
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seeing as im here though....yes or you could seel it and get an SG gothic which already has one...the money ull have to pay for the routing and the trem will pay for the excess of the gothc
OMG!!! Sorry... but that would be just abpout the worse thing to do to an SG ever... well... theyve already been ruined, but a Floyd Rose will kill it. Youll have NO sustain!
Yeah, if you want to rip the SG's body into pieces to fit it. And if you want it to look ugly afterwards. And if you wanna completely **** it up.
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I know someone that put a Bigsby on one, same with his Gibson V.
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+1 for kahler... only needs top routing
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