Everytime I wire my guitar(s) up it seems like it never grounds. I just wired my strat up and I triple checked every solder point and followed the diagram exactly. Its the HSS 1 vol, 2 tone, 5way diagram on Seymour Duncan.
It still isnt grounded! I touch the strings and then it grounds though me. Whats going on?
Yep, wired the all the grounds to the volume pot then ran a ground wire from the volume to the claw.
Lemme see a pic of the claw. I know that when I did mine the first time, the claw had this weird film on it, so it wasn't conductive. You have make sure both the claw and the screw have a good connection.

I desoldered the connection on the claw, and then scratched up the claw's surface, so i was sure the solder was touching the metal.
Is it shielded at all?
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It has shielding on the back of the pickguard where the pots are.
And I have used this claw before and it worked fine.
Are you drunk? You seriously seem off today. In no way did he mean that he had them all connected to the shielding.

It may just be that the pickups are noisier or something.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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Off today?

He actual did say all the pots are connected. (I was saying they don't need to be connected to each other)
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They are all connected.

They don't need to be connected to each other by wire if there's shielding touching all the pots.
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I mean, theres foil or whatever you use to sheild stuff with where the pots are on the pickguard.
Sorry, no pics, but trust me, everything is soldered on and stuff, the only thing I can think of is that I might have overheated the volume pot. Would that cause it not to ground?
It might not be your guitar at all. It could be your amp, lead, or the wiring in your house. I'd suggest taking it to a local music shop and plugging it into one of their amps with one of their leads and see if it still make the noise. If it does, then your soldering isn't as good as you think, but I would bet that it doesn't hum when you plug it into another amp in a place that has carefully grounded electrical circuts.

It could also be other stuff plugged into the circuit your guitar is on. If my computer and amp are plugged into the same circuit then I get hum when I don't touch my guitar strings. When I do touch them I get a pop and then the hum goes away. I now have a special strap I use when I have to record. The strap has a wire woven into it so that it grounds into my neck.
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