Ok, my friend's dad runs a music shop in an area that could be described as rough
Basically they've had a Digitech Whammy lying in the pedals cabinet for a few years...it seems £189 is too much for local people to pay for it. He says he'd give me more than my usual discount and knock the price down to around £140-150.

I was just wondering, firstly of ways to make sure it is an original. And secondly, is the original really noticeably better?

It has the same font for 'Whammy' as pics I've seen of originals, but I can't say I definitely remember mentally what an original is to compare it to.
Original Whammys are pretty highly sought after. Unfortunately, there have been so many iterations of the Whammy that it's difficult to tell if it's actually original. Just try to look up the features of the original and do some comparisons.
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Thanks, do you know of any visual differences between the original and all others though? Sorry to bother you all if it seems a bit of a stupid question.
Harmony Central would be the place to ask that kind of question, the gear nuts on there will know more than people here.
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