Lately, I've heard Nickleback being played all over 106.1 and I must say that I'm getting tired of them. I have nothing against them, and I think that they're an okay band. I just wish they would stop being played all the time. Their new music isn't as good as the old music like on "Silver Side Up".
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I found a tick on my balls once.

No lie. There was actually a tick (as in the small, blood sucking insect) on my balls.

It freaked me out bad.

you must live in washington dont you?
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the first time I've ever been sigged, and it had to be about a butthole. My dad would be proud.
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I hope they rot in hell.

That's a reasonable request

(maybe together we can make it happen )
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They used to be really over played a lot here in the UK, but I haven't heard of them in quite a while.
Nickleback are like, the kings of all alternative rock these days. Every band on my town's rock radio station sounds like they're trying to rip off Nickleback, and it sucks because Nickleback's sound is boring and dull in the first place.
its dad rock.

just got home from work
got to feed the wife
my sons are out, dont know where
going to sing about my life.

Im an angsty dad
and I love angsty bands.
gonna sing about driving places
and hunting bears with my bare hands.
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