I wrote this song about my first car... a green geo storm. It's the first song I've actually recorded in a while. I'm not 100% happy with it, but I like it.

Crit for crit, eh?

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Eh. To me it sounded out of key (rhythm and lead guitar).

It was some clean playing though, better than I could do it.

The vocals were kind of drony. Work on them lyrics? And fix the rhythm guitar's volume, it's a tad too loud.

But I absolutely loved your old instrumental.

Make more like it.

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thanks for the crits! yeah, I did the vocals in one take... I wanted to go back and fix them, but... eh, I really didn't feel like it at the time. To be honest, the song is sort of a joke and I felt like I had already dedicated way too much time to it. I'll probably go back and fix it eventually, though.

Or maybe not.

And as for the lyrics, well... I know they're corny. they're supposed to be.

Anyway, thanks for the crits. I'm at work right now, so I can't listen to you guys' songs, but I will when I get home. Thanks again! Your honest opinions are appreciated
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
I really like it man! Definitely dig the blues feel to it and the rhythym guitar.

By the way, I took a look at your first friend on myspace and I think I know him from a band or something. Do you know what band he was in?
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^ haha, my number one myspace friend is a girl.

thanks for the positive feedback, though. I promise I'll crit your stuff as soon I get a chance... although you probably won't get a fair review... you're from delaware, so I'm gonna think anything you do is awesome. we gotta stick together, y'know? heh.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
i liked the rythm guitar, not so much the lead tho, didnt seem to fit. the vocals werent to bad, dont be afraid to let loose a lil tho, keep it up, there is alot of potential here.
crit mine link is in my sig under recordings
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dig the blues feel for sure. Great subject too, mine was a little blue toyota celica that had the GT on the grille, people thought it was a mustang. Those were the days. LOL. Vocals were weak, I'm not going to lie. But you like me in that way, a pretty darn good guitar player who is learning to sing. keep it up man, look forward to more from you.

here's mine: http://www.myspace.com/iamjasonwitt if you wish to take a listen and give some feedback. Cheers
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