hey again,

i was messing about today and thought id throw couple of riffs together. this is basically what the song will be. after the breakdown i will play the solo backing riff once then start into the solo and then maybe a little harmony and then verse chorus after chorus and fnish

so tell me what you think of it so far. i know the chorus riff isnt anything special and sounds empty but it sounds better and heavier on guitar and will be better with drums and vocals on it

so any suggestions welcomed. ill try get a solo done sometime this weekend when im not busy.

thanks man, the chorus sounds alot fuller on actual guitar so i dont think it needs anything else IMO.

BUT i cant make a solo or record this this week like i intended as i was doing a selection to get on a snowboard instructor course. and i fell on the dryslope and staved my pinky and ring finger so no guitar for at least a week. pure bent.

**** man unlucky bout the fingers

anyways it sounds good so far, kinda in flamesy, it def needs the drums to fill it out a bit, i love the chorus riff and then the breakdown harmony looking forward to the finished version when youre back playing again
yeah it'll be at least a week before theyre back moving again but ill get a solo and drums done as soon as i can, i wanted to record this this week, now im going to be bored all week with no guitar.