Well I just saw the movie Transformers a couple days ago and it inspired me to write this song. It's supposed to be funny and definately not serious so it may be a welcome break from the usual. Anyways it's the first song I've put on here and I'd like to see what people think. And feel free to throw a 'yeah' in everyonce in a while, I know I do when I sing it lol.

Verse 1
Born in Mem-phis, a breath-takin’ beauty
The girl with my heart, and a powerful booty
What can I say, I’m a sucker for sexy
I’ll give her my number, and maybe she’ll text me

Chorus 1
Megan Fox is a foxy, foxy lady
She doesn’t know it, but she’s gonna date me
We’re gonna hit the town, and eat Chinese food
And when that’s all done, we’ll mug some dude
Together, like couples do

Verse 2
Love at first sight, that transformin’ movie
It changed my whole life, I’m her number one groupie
Must be soul mates, she somehow just gets me
I’d make her life better, If she’d only let me

Chorus 2
Megan, Megan Fox is a foxy lady!
She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s gonna date me!
We’re gonna hit the town, and eat Chinese food
And when that’s all done, we’ll mug some dude
Together, like couples do!

Verse 3
What can I do, to really impress her
Might buy her a gift, like a chocolate dresser
One lil’ prob-lem, she’s already been hitched
But once she meets me then, that dude will be ditched

Chorus 2 again
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This is awesome. I can just imagine it being sung. Great job. Maybe just leave out the 'random' in the 'we'll mug some dude' line, it sort of throws off the meter. Still good though
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This is really funny. I just imagine some country singer doing this song totally seriously... Oh man...

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Sweet i'm glad people like it. And I think you're right it sounds better without the random in it, i'll change that. Thanks for the idea.
yeah that mugging bit just throws the whole song off, get rid of it
Bad ass.
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hahaha, I loved that 100% I cant see anything wrong with it next time I take a girl somewhere, I'll have to mug someone
this song ftw!
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Thanks for the props guys, it feels good to know people like this
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