Ok, I bought a cheap Ibanez about a year and a half ago, since then i've improved dramatically, I also bought a bass which I currently play with my band. I'm looking to move on. I need to know what's the next step from here. I don't need to get a 1000$ guitar because I can only afford one with 400$ being my limit. I play things ranging from Metallica to classic rock. So help me out should I get another bass or a guitar? And please suggest which ones.

thanks in advance
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it really takes a lifetime to be really good at either, my advice? you should focus on just one atm really.
What you should buy depends on what you plan to play more. Or if one of your current instruments is particularly unsatisfying and you feel you need to buy one which is up to standard.
I'd say go to guitar. You can do so much more on one than a bass. I'd say if you were looking at under $400 than take a look at an ESP. They have 2 more frets than most guitars so U can hit those high metallica solos. And I'm pretty sure that Kirk Hammett plays one too.