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Mott the hoople, Queensryche (I think theyre technically metal, but i can listen to it, so im goin rock).
humble pie-frampton was great none of this sissie stuff he did later solo ha ha
Good stuff in here, Kaleidoscope, Love, Elevators. Nobody mentioned Quicksilver Messenger Service. Is anybody Funky? I put a vote in for the Meters.
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I think King Crimson missed out on the whole popularity of prog rock, all while being the ones who were pushing the genre forward. It amuses me that people who love Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and so on have never heard of King Crimson.

King Crimson was plenty popular. The four prog bands everybody knows are Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and King Crimson. Plenty of bands get less due than Crimson and I love Crimson. Caravan, Gong, Camel, Soft Machine, Hatfield and The North, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Faust, Xhol Caravan pretty much the whole damn krautrock scene kills it and but how many people ever heard of Kraan? There are some good Italian prog bands like Le Orme, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Locanda Della Fate, Banco Del Mutto Socorosso might be Spanish.

On a side note Adrian Belews solo albums are awesome especially his acoustic stuff.
Guru Guru, The Sonics, Amon Duul ll, Atomic Rooster, Leaf Hound, CAN, The Red Krayola, Saga, Budgie, Vanilla Fudge Van Der Graaf Generator.
Slade, T.Rex & The Faces are seriously amazing - great tunes
Tom Waits' early stuff often goes overlooked - his first four albums were released in the 70s and I loved them all, but he didn't experience much popularity during that time.

Certainly a popular artist now though.
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She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for
Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers, Procol Harum, and Wendy Carlos.
Harry Potter is DEAD! Ehhhhh heh heeehhhh!!!
LOVE. that's all
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It's dubstep minor in E.

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I bet I'm gunna love Revolt #plottwist
Camel and Caravan are the first two bands that come to mind. There are so many great bands that never got the recognition they deserved. Im talking groups like Gentle Giant, Island, Yezda Urfa, Julian's Treatment, and Semiramis.
Frank Zappa
Gentle Giant
Van der Graaf Generator

but mostly Zappa. Underrated, under appreciated, and under played.
Hawkwind - the most underrated band ever.
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Velvet underground..
But now everybody seems to love them..back then, the band didn't get much praise..
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I don't hear enough about Jethro Tull, even though ze are awesome

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What about Suzi Quatro? Even though she was from the US she was alot more famous in Europe.
The Kinks were probably the most underrated band of the British Invasion..
I like The Cherry People and alot of people don't know them! Probably because they only got one song on in the top 100 and it was #45..
Cream is really underrated too..
But hey I'm 13 so what do I know?
I don't know if anyone chimed in about the Sonics yet, but goddamn, that was one fan-f**king-tastic band.
Jefferson Airplane (Reason I'm saying this is because I don't know anyone else who has heard of them.)
The Stooges
Iron Butterfly
Pink Floyd (Early)
Seems that nobody has mentioned Death yet.

They're starting to get more attention recently, but in case some never heard of them, I recommend listening to them if you like MC5, The Stooges or even The Who. They recorded a 45 and an LP in the mid-'70s in Detroit. They never sold any and went about their lives, storing their master tapes in an attic for over 30 years. In 2008, they had a resurgence on the internet and have since re-released their older music and started recording new music. They have an amazing story and a documentary I saw recently called "A Band Called Death." I recommend seeing it and them if they come to your town. I just saw them live last week and they were absolutely fantastic. They were just so tight as a whole and all of their songs are great. They're gonna go back on tour next year, they said. If they come back to my town I'll definitely go see them again.

Check out their album from '75, "Death for the Whole World to See." It is worth listening to on repeat for a while. It's hard to believe they were making this awesome music in their parents' house.
Obviously they've been mentioned several times already, but Big Star. I think perhaps one of the saddest things about Big Star was that their cult status and the acclaim they've received from critics and their fans was completely lost on Alex Chilton, who claimed to have been surprised by the love people have for the band.

I don't believe he's been mentioned yet, but in the late 1970s there were few songwriters who were capable of writing pop songs as well as Nick Lowe.
Gentle Giant
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Woman tone, eh?

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I don't hear enough about Neil Young. I think the guy's amazing.

Neil Young has been one of my favorite artists for many years
Blue Cheer is a band that doesn't get enough attention. They were making heavy music even before Black Sabbath. There's also Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust, Captain Beyond, and Pentagram.
Not a single mention of Free. All Right Now is not a typical Free song. Try Mr Big, Fire and Water, Songs of Yesterday, Be My Friend... Absolutely mind blowing band. Paul Rogers had an incredible voice which has since only got better, Simon Kirke is an excellent drummer, Andy Fraser has some of the most innovative bass playing you'll ever hear from a blues band and Jesus Christ, don't even get me started on Paul Kossoff. That dude can play one note and I bet no one can make it sound the same as him.
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