Ok, ok...I finally decided to name my band 'virgo thing' for personal/meaningful reasons...came up with it all on my own, through my own life...

looked through google...only got horoscopes..cool.
looked through wikipedia...still, only got horoscopes..even better.
checked myspace MUSIC...and got a successful indie band called 'virgo loves cancer'...

I don't know..it bothers me a little....
but not really. There's a little known band from Minnesota called The Frogs...and then there is Frog Eyes..

So it's not really a big deal, isn't it?
Still..bothers me a little bit...
Your guys' thoughts on this name name dispute?
All in all...it's all about the music I know, but just wondering what you guys think.

And yeah, their music is smashing pumpkins influenced, bloody valentine, shoegaze revival type of thing...while my band is more alternative..which is why it bothers me.

I am probably just taking this a little too seriously. thanks guys.
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Promissory Note sounds completely original. I have never heard anything similar to that name around my way..
man..and there's a non active band called virgo breed...so that's two..
Honestly, one word? It's no big deal.
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