I'm redoing my old Squier HH Strat (has a mahogany body) and I'm in need of some cheap but good pickups. Just looking for a nice bluesy/classic rock tone. I would love to get another set of Duncan 59's (I have them in my Epi) but I really don't wanna spend that much. This will just be a backup guitar and something to dick around with on occasion...

So I came across these Golden Age pickups on stewmac and was just curious about them? Anyone ever try them? I read some reviews on Harmony Central and they seem to be good but I would like some more opinions.

try gfs... they are really good too
everything else is just details
Duncan Pearly Gates.<<<Teh SHIZNIT!!!

or GFS. they're cheaper.
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They're great sounding pickups! The overwound pickups sound so perfect with some overdrive. I'd take them over that GFS garbage any day.
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