Poll: What's the most annoying?
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People who don't use the search button
10 7%
People who complain about Option 1
53 39%
People who bump there threads (especially more than once)
9 7%
Guitar-related topics that aren't in the pit
3 2%
This thread
20 15%
People who will reply with "This thread" because they think it's clever
40 30%
Voters: 135.
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For choice #4, I meant to put "That ARE in the Pit"

Well way to fuck it up for everybody.

You just ruined this thread, I hope you're happy.
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Number 1 and 2.
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people who dedicate themselves to reporting threads, like Zuka; they annoy the crap out of me. other than that, people who complain about option 1.
People who will reply with this thread because they aren't clever.
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i know its already been addressed in the poll...but this thread! lol

edit: Oh boy, i feel clever!
Head like a stone, stoned like a rock.

The only thing that annoys me more that this thread is this:

(insert lame comment)
(insert millions of spaces)

You need an 'all of the above' option.
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Who cares if you didnt use the search button to bring up a thread 3 years ago with no one on it you might know so instead you made a thread like it...
I wish I could say the search bar complaints and "this thread" because thats just really gay
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People who complain about people who tell other people to use the search button.

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I hate when people say "Use the search button".
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