I really, really liked it. I know you're trying to be experimental but that weird bit at the end of "we dont have to go" kind of ruins the rest of the song, but thats just what i think.

I really liked the instrumentals and the last song though.
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Glad you liked it! I thought about making the last part of "We don't have to go" into its own track, but in the end I felt like it belonged. I've recently been listening to "Kid A" and "Daydream Nation" so I felt like trying to achieve some sounds similar to those achieved in those albums.
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the first one and the 3rd one where very good.I like the guitar part one the first one where on second 30-50 sometimes it sounds like theres someone singing but its just the guitar.Very very nice.And the rythem on the 3rd one is very unique and cool

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