idk how to get my drummer (very lazy asshole) to get motivated. whenever we are supposed to practice, he's all like "I don't feel like it." he is one of my best friends, but he won't practice. how do I motivate him?
Give him sone goals maybe?

Get him to work towards a battle of the bands or somthing like that.
Threaten to kick him out, or just go ahead and do it. Don't take **** out of people, even your best friends, if you're serious about the band.
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i had this problem and i couldnt get anyone to practice so i quit then a week later they told everyone i got kicked out
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i had this problem and i couldnt get anyone to practice so i quit then a week later they told everyone i got kicked out

when we got another guitarist he wasnt showing up to practices (the drummer was on his side) and me and the bass player were about to quit and start another band. now i am the only one who is really really motivated, and i dont want to leave alone. but we'll tell his bitch ass to ****in work or he's out. he's easily replaceable.
We kicked the original second guitarist out of our band once, and he told everyone he left. Annoying.

As for getting the drummer motivated - the drummer in my band isn't as into it as the rest of us are... he does come to practice whenever I say there's a practice, and he does enjoy playing... but sometimes we think he doesn't practice that much outside of our practiced together, and we've decided that for our band it's necessery.

I don't tell him what he needs to do... I just have digs and jokingly mention where he goes wrong and hint that I really want him to work on it. He seems to accept it so that can't be too bad.
Just tell him he needs to start taking the band more seriously, otherwise you're not going to have a place for an unmotivated, lazy asshole in the band. Just be like "Dude, I know we're friends and it's not easy for me to get this point across, but you've got to start taking the band more seriously. We need to practice a lot more often and the rest of the band agrees. If you're not going to start taking this seriously we're not going to be able to continue with you in the band. " It's unfortunate but you're really not going to get anywhere if he keeps up his selfish behavior. I can't imagine myself being in a band with someone who is very unmotivated personally.
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I had this problem with a bassplayer.

Try to talk him into practicing, politely, but strongly say, that you want him to play more. I f it doesn't work, kick him out.

I did that with a guy I knew for 4, or 5 years, and we were quite close. But I won't take any **** as fas as the band is concerned.
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I had the same problem with my drummer.
He didn't really want to practice or play gigs at all.

We had a break for a while, and me and my bassist used the break to jam a lot, and
after a while the drummer started to come around, because he missed the feeling of
playing in a band.

After that, he got really motivated when we started to make tracks for our first album.

Go easy at it from the start, try to be flexible, ask him when he is free to practice, that way he can't just come up with some lazy reason not to be there. And if he does show no intention of wanting to play in the band, tell him to either start taking the music seriously, or he can start looking for a new band.

But, proceed with caution, a very good drummer is hard to come by.
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If he doesn't want to be good, then he won't be good. I think you should end the band on good terms, and make a new one with someone who cares.
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well im a drummer and sometimes im like that lol

show him an awesome live clip of his favourite band or a good drum solo and he might be like OMFG i wanna be like them
If you are a serious band ditch him. He is holding you back. It does not matter if you are friends or not, if he does not want to play get rid of him and find somebody who actually wants to play.