Okay, I've been playing electric guitar for a couple months, its what I started on and have stuck with. I've played my brother's accoustic some, just enough to know i dont like it...I know basically nothing about accoustics. But since i play,my girlfriend is wanting to start playing, and she wants to play accoustic, so i'm trying to help her.

She's going to get one used, not too expensive. She picks around on her grandpa's old 12 string but has a lot of trouble, i cant say anything because i suck too, never played an accoustic enough to get a good feel for it. But what i was wondering, when she gets one, what all can I do to make it as easy as possible for her to play?

I was thinking, getting her some light gauge accoustic strings, but what else can i do? Can the action be adjusted on accoustics?

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide, i truly do appreciate it.
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the action can be lowered by lowering the bridge and i have played acoustics that play faster than my jackson if done right and adjusted right
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The only acoustic I've ever owned was a Squier. The action, as I know, is not adjustable. And it's harder to push the strings down on an acoustic as opposed to an electric guitar. And since you claim to "suck" at acoustic, it's going to be worse on a 12-string. I've had a little difficulty with those, and I'm fine with acoustic.

I think lighter strings would help. But seeing that a lot of acoustic work is chords, it shouldn't be too hard. Don't get me wrong, though. There's much more to acoustic than that. Make sure the neck isn't so dang thick like mine is. That way, barre chords won't be difficult to learn, and maybe once in a while, let her play your electric so she can get better overall. Not that success on an electric will directly translate to good acoustic playing, and vice versa. But it's easier in general to learn on an electric with good action so it doesn't take much effort to push down the strings.
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get a guitar guru to shave the bridge and adjust the truss rod, if they dont how to do those dont let them touch it though, if done wrong more bad happens than good trust me, i lost a good acoustic that way.
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Buy one with a thin neck, and a thin body? However half the fun of guitar is overcoming "problems" so maybe she could just adjust to a regular guitar and take a bit more time doing it?

Its all relative to the learning process. She could get a guitar with a thin neck and then become a great player - then finding that she has trouble playing thicker necks despite her skill level. So honestly, IMO I'd just get her a regular acoustic and have her practice like mad - that way we she plays a thinner neck it is easier, as opposed to harder for a thicker neck.

But as far as "simple" ways out I'd go for the lighter strings, thin body thin and rounded neck.
^ yes remeber shortcutting your learning shortcuts your playing
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Thanks guys.

I let her play my electric quite a bit, it plays like a dream which makes it seem that much harder when she goes back to accoustic. I'll keep all those things in mind when I go with her to help her pick out one.

She's wanting to learn mostly gospel and country songs, so hopefully there will be a lot of chords which i can help teach her, maybe even try to improve myself at accoustic along with her to hopefully help keep her motivated. She's got Happy Birthday down pat though, i gotta give her credit.

Here's the accoustic I'll play, the one I pretty much inherited from my brother, can the bridge be adjusted on it?

Thanks once again
accoustic bridge2.jpg