I was looking in and learning the song civil war in the guns n roses book i have and it has a note after the intro that is 2.4 on the 3rd string and above it says says harm. i dont know if i like hold 2 and tap 4 or what.. anyone know?
sure it's not ham? cuz that'd be a hammer-on which is pretty much 2 tap 4
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think of it like this..if it said play a harm on 2,you would be right over the fret,if it said 3 you would be right over the 3rd fret...2.4 is between the 2nd and 3rd fret..but not quite halfway

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look at that horrible diagram,left line is 2nd fret,right is 3rd fret..the period is where you play the harmonic,its almost impossible to hit the same exact spot everytime if its played mroe than once in a song(for me anyways)..but you'll get close enough to it that it wont matter with practice