So i'm looking into getting new pickups to replace the stock ones in my epi les paul. money isn't a huge issue, but i'd rather not spend more than a hundred on a pickup. i'm looking for something that will work with various types of punk rock, oldschool emo, screamo, but with at least the potential for a little bit of metal. or at least moreso than what the stock ones have. anyway, after looking around the forums and checking reviews, the best setup i can come up with seems to be a seymour duncan sh-1 59 in the neck and either a sh-5 custom or a sh-6 distortion in the bridge. does this sound good for what i want? also, what i dont understand is why would i want the pickup that i would be using with distortion in the bridge like everyone recommends? with every guitar ive played the neck pickup seems to be the one to get the beefier sound with distortion, while the bridge pickup just kind of sounds shallow. and what's the deal with the covers, are they easier to change/reusable?

what's you budget? what's your amp?

covers affect the tone slightly. not much in it though.
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