i wasnt sure where too put this at, im a noob to the forums, but ive been a user for awhile.

anyway...my drummer thinks that i can play anything that he comes up with and "sings" with his mouth. Hes constantly telling me to get some killer solos. In my band, Im the only guitarist(we are looking for a rythem though). Like the way ive done it in the past, and ive got some decent ones, is find the Key of our song, and then id pick a scale from that, or id even look at the notes we use in the song, and then write a solo from there....so...is there any other ways to write a better solo so my damn drummer will get off my back

EDIT: ive been playing for 4 years, and my theory isnt where id like it...i took about a year and a half of lessons durning my 3rd year...but the guy had to stop, because he was running out of time. ONce i get a job, im going to take lessons again at hte local music shop
Just improvise until something cool spills out of it and remember and/or write it down.
either what kartman said, or just improv over a track. sorry. i can't really write stuff down. i can do cool improvs, but not write down. i forget stuff usually.
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pentatonic scale. learn it up and down the entire fretboard it helped me alot. becuase of it my band told me to quit bass and be their lead guitarist
improvise, and also try to do what your drummer suggest. when i cant come up with anything i ask my band to sing a solo or a riff with their mouth and ill play it. it works.
I'm messed, so I usually just cut pieces from songs and sound bits and videos, mix them together, and get inspiration from sound and stuff. It's the most stonerish thing I do but it helps with the creativity. Make a loop of like 20 half-second clips of random things and find rhythms and stuff.
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Record your whole band playing...

Play rythym with them, as well, and bring the tape home and listen over it. Just start freestyling with your mouth and try to emulate it to your guitar. Explore phrasing, as well. It's quite important in solo-ing.

Good luck!
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